This is my home page. This is not a blog per se, but a record of my recent trips from 2009 to the present. Not a written journal (diary) but more of a photo album. I just started putting this together so I am in the process of playing catch up.

My current trip is called 2013 Bike 13-xxxx. Just click on the drop down menu “POSTS” and you will see the posts on the left hand side of the screen. At the very minimum I plan to be uploading weekly.

There will be few words and if you click on any picture it should open full screen.

The number 13-xxxx represents year–monthday.

You can also track my tour by going to TrackMyTour.

My tour name is “In search of Britt” or 8QsK8


This is a great app and used by a lot of people as diary of the trip they are on. It is public.

Anyway thanks again and I  appreciate being given the opportunity to share my journeys with you.

Please submit any comment that you wish.


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